Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The PIP Award

We created our own perfect teacher, and discussed values of what makes a good teacher with PIPs and school council (see pictures below).  Initially I think a couple of the student council wanted to vote for actual teachers, but wasn't possible to do in an hour, and besides, it was more useful to consider what makes a good teacher, not who is a good teacher.  Also if there is any way we can include the whole school in  a 'hustings' of sorts, got to be better than a few members of the council with our PIPs representatives.

So we focused on what we think makes a good teacher.  A tie helps, as does glitter.  The 'stick' is a walking stick - being old is definitely not seen as a disadvantage to these pupils.  An 'old' teacher was more likely to be 'experienced'.  I didn't ask what age they thought old was!  We considered a whole load of possible values of a good teacher, and narrowed down to three most important values:

A perfect teacher should be:

  • Understanding
  • Smart
  • Fun
The sub-group initially came up with 'clever' rather than 'smart', but after discussion with all, we changed that to 'smart', as smart was seen to include aspects of applying 'cleverness'.

There wasn't enough time to debate what we will do on 18th July with the student council, but brief meeting with PIPs after we decided:

  • Hosted by Spoz, parents support
  • Marcus to prepare publicity
  • Competitive event for teachers, teaching assistants, and all staff, based on the values of a perfect teacher (see above)
  • A Trophy and certificate for our 'PIP Award'
  • Donations at the end for school
  • Review for next year, PIPs with School Council ideally

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